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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search{| cellspacing="5" class="infobox vevent" ! class="summary navbox-title" colspan="2"|Zeke and Luther |- | colspan="2"|[1] |- ! scope="row"|Format | class="category"|Teen sitcom |- ! scope="row"|Created by |Matt Dearborn Tom Burkhard |- ! scope="row"|Starring | class="attendee"|Hutch Dano Adam Hicks Daniel Curtis Lee Ryan Newman (seasons 1–2, season 3, recurring) |- ! scope="row"|Opening theme |Theme song performed by Hutch Dano, Daniel Curtis Lee & Adam Hicks |- ! scope="row"|Composer(s) |Christopher Brady (season 1) Scott Cluasen & Christopher Lee (seasons 2–3) |- ! scope="row"|Country of origin |United States |- ! scope="row"|Language(s) |English |- ! scope="row"|No. of sea…

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