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Road Trip is the eleventh episode of season one of Zeke and Luther.

Episode SummaryEdit

Zeke and Luther are packing up to go to there heroes home Tony Hawk. But Zeke thinks Luther's mom is taking them and Luther thinks Zeke's mom is taking them they discover this when Kojo asks how are they getting there then they decide to skateboard there way there. While that Ginger is trying to come up with a great prank on Zeke with Poochie McGruder then on there way they see Kojo where his motorcycle has died so they ask him if he wants to join them. And he agrees then close to Tony's house Luther falls and hits his teeth on a fireextinguisher and he finaly loses his last baby tooth. So he gives it to Zeke then when they finaly arrive them and other skateboarders meet Lenny who will be guiding them inside they see tons of things. Ex: Tony's Cereal Bowl, Tony's Bathroom, Tony's Couch, and Tony's Bedroom then when the tour is over Lenny asks Zeke and Luther if they want to buy Tony's Boxers that are autographed for $30. Then when they get back home Zeke tells Luther that he keeps the boxers on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and he gets to keep the boxers on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and on Sundays they rotate. Then when Zeke needs a new pen Giner tells him to look in his closet when he opens it tons of junk comes out but Zeke tells Ginger she's pulled this prank 100 times witch makes Ginger think she's a hack. Then Luther takes the boxers out of the frame and puts them on his stuffed bear and spills a drop of Grape Juice on the boxers and Zeke notices. Then at Ramps Zeke tells Luther he knows he spilled Grape Juice on them and he tells him he failed Tony Hawk but then Luther sees Zeke is wearing the boxers and takes them off him. Then they realize they need somebody to choose who gets the boxers they decide Kojo at first they say things that they did with the boxers then they try to bribe Kojo then Zeke and Luther get into a fight. And in the end Kojo chooses Zeke to keep the boxers then when Zeke is putting the boxers up he sees Luther's tooth and he decides to give Luther the boxers. Then Zeke and Luther are eating Corn Dogs stairing at the boxers but then Zeke asks Luther if Tony spells his name with an I so they take a close look at the boxers and realize that Lenny autographed these boxers but misspelled Tony's first name where it says Toni Hawk. Then when Zeke gets back home he sees a bunch of germans in his room where Ginger rented it to them as a prank where she says I'm back!