Zeke & Luther vs Santa & Elf
Season: 2
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Written by:
Matt Dearborn
Directed by:
Matt Dearborn
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Disney XD US Premiere:
to be announced
International Debut:
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"Bro Ho Ho" is a Christmas-themed episode and season two finale of the Disney XD original series Zeke and Luther, originally aired on December 6, 2010.


Irritated over the lameness of Christmas in Gilroy, Luther accidently flings a melon at a van driven by a shopping mall Santa (Donovan Scott). Zeke and Luther get jobs as a mall Santa and his elf and inadvertently antagonize a bitter elf (Dana Michael Woods) who assumes that they are after his job. Meanwhile, Ginger unknowingly employs the aforementioned mall Santa as her star gift-wrapper who turns out to be the real Santa Claus and learns the true meaning of Christmas.

Absent: Daniel Curtis Lee as Kojo

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