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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search{| cellspacing="5" class="infobox vevent" ! class="summary navbox-title" colspan="2"|Zeke and Luther |- | colspan="2"|[1] |- ! scope="row"|Format | class="category"|Teen sitcom |- ! scope="row"|Created by |Matt Dearborn Tom Burkhard |- ! scope="row"|Starring | class="attendee"|Hutch Dano Adam Hicks Daniel Curtis Lee Ryan Newman (seasons 1–2, season 3, recurring) |- ! scope="row"|Opening theme |Theme song performed by Hutch Dano, Daniel Curtis Lee & Adam Hicks |- ! scope="row"|Composer(s) |Christopher Brady (season 1) Scott Cluasen & Christopher Lee (seasons 2–3) |- ! scope="row"|Country of origin |United States |- ! scope="row"|Language(s) |English |- ! scope="row"|No. of sea…

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  • BlazeChance1

    Don't give up

    October 23, 2011 by BlazeChance1

    Guys just because the wiki isn't doing well doesn't mean you have to give up. Go get some info that way this wiki becomes 1#. Now who's with me! Comment below!

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